Workshop on Atomic Physics Research at the Future GSI Facility

December 9 - 10, 2002 in the GSI Auditorium

Scientific Program (preliminary)

Monday download Workshop-talks speaker
10:00 The Future Accelerator Facilities Planned at GSI - An Overview H. Gutbrod, GSI
10:30 Atomic Physics at GSI - An Outlook Th. Stöhlker, Frankfurt
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 The Design of the New Storage Rings P. Beller, GSI
12:00 PHELIX and the New Accelerators E. Gaul, GSI
12:20 Cooling of Relativistic Heavy Ions U. Schramm, München
12:40 Lunch Break
14:00 Beam Lifetimes of Low-Charged Ion Beams R. DuBois, Missouri-Rolla
14:20 Beam Intensity Losses Due to Intra-Beam Collisions H. Bräuning, Giessen
14:40 Quantitative Studies of Laser-Cluster Interaction: Status and Prospects D. Vernhet, Paris
15:00 Ions and Electrons in Extreme Laser Fields R.M. Potvliege, Durham
15:20 Channeling of Charged Particles Through Periodically Bent Crystals A.V. Solov'yov, St. Petersburg
15:40 Crystal-Assisted Virtual X-ray Spectroscopy Y. Yamazaki, Tokyo
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Impact of Atomic Charge States on Stellar Nucleosynthesis F. Bosch, GSI
16:50 Experiments at the Low-Energy Branch of the Super-FRS C. Scheidenberger, GSI
17:10 Optically Trapped Atoms as an Ultracold Target for Ion and Antiproton Beams M. Weidemüller, Heidelberg
17:30 Precision Spectroscopy at SIS 200 H. Backe, Mainz
17:50 Laser Spectroscopy of Radioactive Isotopes W. Nörtershäuser, Tübingen
18:10 Probing Fields and Nuclei: Photorecombination and its Time-Reversed Process A. Müller, Giessen
19:00 Buffet
20:00 Poster Session

Tuesday download Workshop-talks speaker
9:00 Towards Tests of QED Effects in Heavy Ions V. Shabaev, St. Petersburg
9:20 Fundamental Interactions and Symmetries K. Jungmann, Groningen
9:40 Precision Spectroscopy at High Fields P. Indelicato, Paris
10:00 Correlation and Polarization Studies on the Electron Capture into High-Z Ions S. Fritzsche, Kassel
10:20 Relativistic Quantum Dynamics of Single Ions in Intense Laser Pulses C. Keitel, Freiburg
10:40 Coffee Break
11:10 The Physics of Supercritical Fields in Slow Heavy-Ion Collisions J. Reinhardt, Frankfurt
11:30 Electron-Positron Pair Creation in Relativistic Atomic Heavy-Ion Collisions W. Scheid, Giessen
11:50 Free and Bound-Free Pair Production for Relativistic Highly Charged Ions K. Hencken, Basel
12:10 Atomic Collision Experiments at Relativistic Energies R. Schuch, Stockholm
12:30 Atomic Dynamics in Collisions with Relativistic Heavy Ions and Antiprotons J. Ullrich, Heidelberg
12:50 Antihydrogen Physics - Status and Prospects R. Landua, Genf
13:10 Lunch Break
14:30 R and D Projects and General Discussion
15:30 End of AP-Workshop


December 11, 2002 in the GSI Auditorium

Scientific Program (preliminary)

Wednesday download Workshop-talks speaker
9:00 Welcome W. Henning, GSI
9:10 The HITRAP Facility: An Overview W. Quint, GSI
9:30 Production, Deceleration, and Cooling of HCI at GSI M. Steck, GSI
9:50 Decelerator Linac for HCI U. Ratzinger, Frankfurt
10:10 Electron Cooling of HCI and Antiprotons in Traps C. Toepffer, Erlangen
10:30 Accumulation and Cooling of HCI G. Werth, Mainz
10:50 Financial Aspects and Time Schedule H.-J. Kluge, GSI
11:00 Production and Cooling of HCI in an EBIT J. Crespo, Heidelberg
11:20 Coffee Break  
11:50 Motivation for Reaction Studies with HCI J. Ullrich, Heidelberg
12:10 Reaction Microscope for Experiments on HCI J.-P. Grandin, GANIL
12:30 Spin Polarized Metastable HCI - The Magnetic Structure of Nuclei H. Schmidt-Böcking, Frankfurt
12:50 Lunch Break  
14:00 Laser Spectroscopy for Hyperfine Structure and Polarization of HCI R.C. Thompson, IC London
14:20 X-Ray Spectroscopy of HCI A. Warczak, Krakau
14:40 The Importance of HITRAP for QED Investigations G. Soff, Dresden
15:00 Mass and g-Factor Measurements on HCI T. Beier, GSI
15:20 High-Accuracy Mass Measurements with SMILETRAP T. Fritioff, Stockholm
15:40 Coffee Break  
16:10 Interaction of HCI with Matter J. Burgdörfer, Wien
16:30 Spectrometers to Study Interactions of HCI with Surfaces R. Morgenstern, Groningen
16:50 Exotic Atomic Systems in Traps E. Widmann, Tokyo
17:20 End of the Workshop