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Beta Decay of Highly Charged Ions

F. Boscha), K. Beckerb), T. Faestermannb), B. Franzkea), J. Frieseb), H. Geissela), F. Heineb), P. Kienleb), O. Kleppera), H.J. Klugea), C. Kozhuharova), G. Menzela), G. Münzenberga), F. Noldena), H. Reicha), C. Scheidenbergera), B. Schlitta), M. Stecka), Th. Stöhlkera), K. Takahashib), E. Wefersb), T. Winklera), K. Zeitelhackb)
a)GSI-Darmstadt, Germany; b)TU-München, Germany

Why do we investigate β decay of HCI?

Figure 1

Where can we measure β lifetimes of HCI?

Figure 2

How to determine β lifetimes of highly charged ions in the ESR?

Figure 3 Figure 4

First observation of βb decay [1]

Figure 5 Figure 6

Detecting βb decay of bare 187Re: Setting a cosmic clock with HCI [2]

Figure 7 Figure 8

Recalibrated rhenium clock and Hubble constant set constraints for the standard cosmological model

Figure 9

[1] M. Jung et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 69, 2164 (1992).
[2] F. Bosch et al., Phys.Rev. Lett. 77, 5190 (1996).