Workshop on Atomic Physics Research at the Future GSI Facility

December 9 - 10, 2002 in the GSI Auditorium

Poster Session

Poster-Title Presenting Author
Double Charge Exchange in Relativistic U92+ Collisions at the ESR Gas-Jet A. Warczak
Electron Capture and Energy Loss by Channelled Decelerated Highly Charged Ions D. Dauvergne
Polarization Studies in the Electron Capture by Highly-Charged Ions A. Surzhykov
Negative continuum dielectronic recombination of an electron and high-Z ion A.N. Artemyev
Charge exchange and transient excitation of fast highly-charged ions at stopping V.V. Balashov
Electron Impact Induced Ionization Processes of Atoms A. Dorn
Polarization of photons emitted in radiative electron capture by bare high-Z ions J. Eichler
Rate enhancement in recombination of the highly-charged very heavy ions W. Shi
X-ray emission observed at the ESR electron cooler A. Gumberidze
Multiple Electron Capture from C-foils into U91+ ions A. Bräuning-Demian
Scaling Law for Radiative Recombination with Bare Ions in Electron Coolers G. Zwicknagel
Projectile Deflection and Triple Differential Cross Sections for Single Ionization in Heavy Ion-atom Collisions Ch. Dimopoulou
Double Ionization of He in Fast Ion Collisions: The Correlated Motion of Electrons R. Moshammer
Manipulating Ion-atom Collisions with Coherent Electromagnetic Radiation S. Shevelko
Inelaste processes in the K+ - He, Kr collisions at moderate energy B. Kikiani
Kinematically Complete Experiments for Double Ionization by e- and H+ Impact A. Dorn
Electron-electron Interaction in Projectile Ionization: A New Way to Explore (e,2e) on Ions H. Kollmus
Mass measurements and fundamental interactions - recent results using ISOLTRAP F. Herfurth
The SHIPTRAP experiment at GSI: An overview M. Block
HITRAP: A Facility for Experiments with Trapped Highly Charged Ions W. Quint
Optical Spectroscopy at Super Heavy Elements with Z>=100 W. Sewtz
Measurement of the two-photon decay of the 2 1S0 state in He-like uranium D. Banas
Spectroscopy of dielectronic resonances of the heaviest Li-like ions C. Brandau
Precise determination of the Lamb-shift in very heavy Li-like ions utilizing DR C. Brandau
Lifetime Measurements of Metastable Atomic States in He-like Heavy Ions S. Toleikis
The Lyman-alpha Decay in Hydrogen-like Ions: E1/M2 Multipolmixing A. Orsic-Muthig
Towards a Laser Spectroscopic Measurement of the 2s Hyperfine Splitting in Lithium-like 209Bi80+ R. Sanchez
Recent Measurements of DR in He-like Kr34+ and Ba54+ A. Gonzalez
Nuclear-polarization effects to the hyperfine structure in multicharged ions A. Nefiodov
Open problems in the precise theoretical description of atomic systems K. Pachucki
Relativistic calculations of isotopic shifts in highly charged ions I.I. Tupitsyn
High Energy Density Interactions with Highly Charged Ions D. Schneider
PHELIX X Ray Laser - SIS200: new way in highly charged ion spectroscopy? D. Ursescu
High power and X-Ray Laser experiments with ions D. Ursescu
Multiple Ionization in Intense Laser Fields V.L.B. de Jesus
The cooler Storage Rings Project in Lanzhou X. Ma
CS - a Control System Framework D. Beck
A forward electron spectrometer for (e,2e) spectroscopy at the ESR S. Hagmann
Attosecond pump probe at γ=33 R. Doerner
Double Beam Electron Target for Dielectronic Recombination Studies P.H. Mokler
New Turbomolecular Pump with Axial Opening for Free Central Acces P.H. Mokler
Slowing of ions in gas L. Willmann
Applications of Position Sensitive Germanium Detectors for X-Ray Spectroscopy of HCI Th. Stöhlker
Electron Spectroscopy at Storage Rings R. Mann
A High Resolution COLTRIMS Spectrometer for Low Energy Ion-atom Collisions Ch. Dimopoulou
Production of Antihydrogen and a Proposal to Measure Antimatter Gravity J. Walz
Ion Stopping in a Magnetized Anisotropic Electron Plasma G. Zwicknagel
Electronic Eavesdropping on the Nucleus: Detecting Whispers about the Charge Radius of 11Li G. Ewald
Experimental link of photoionization of Sc2+ to photorecombination of Sc3+ S. Schippers